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I’m a bit of a movie fool lately, here are some of my most recent watches and a quick opinion on each one…and hopefully no spoilers.

It's Complicated – Some people said they didn’t like it, but I enjoyed it! It’s part romance and part comedy. Even though I saw part of one particular scene as a preview on TV it was much better when seeing the full scene, it had me laughing pretty hard!

Four Christmas's – I love Christmas movies, so this was automatically a winner in my book. Aside from that, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie but I thought it would be funnier.

Night at the Museum (the second one) – Similar to the first movie, this is what I could call a ‘cute’ movie. It’s funny with new twists and a story line that mostly takes place inside the walls of a museum.

Land of the Lost – I hate to say it, but in my opinion this was a bad movie! There were a couple redeeming parts, but overall it was just bad. I'm almost afraid to watch another Will Farrell movie.

Final Destination - (the most recent one…it’s hard to keep track but I think this one was #5) – With some new ways to die and just as much blood and guts as previous Final Destinations, this was a good movie…hey, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional gore movie! The only downfall to this movie, for me, were the 3D effects, I watched it in 2D so the parts made for 3D seemed cheesy without the added D.

Get Smart – I had never seen previews for this movie, so thank you Netflix for suggesting it to me! It is definitely a laugh out loud movie; it was funny and entertaining the whole way through. This is absolutely a movie I will watch again!

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