It's Survey Time!

I saw this survey on Tabitha's (Not Yet Read) blog and decided to take part.

Four names that people call me (other than my real name)

1.     Sista – A friend who’s not actually my sister calls me this.
2.     Jen – Pretty much everyone calls me Jen
3.     Jennabear – Only one aunt gets away with calling me this…everyone else will have eye daggers shot at them. No one out there better get it in their heads to call me this lol.
4.     I can’t think of any others…I really don’t have any cool nicknames.

Four Jobs that I’ve had

1.     Campground – I worked in the little store signing up equipment rentals, scooping ice cream, and running the cash register
2.     Smorgasbord – Someone has to refill those buffet lines.  I only lasted 6 months at this.
3.     Gift shop – 40% off books, hells yeah! I worked here for a few years until they ended up closing.
4.     Administrative stuff – Random admin stuff at a couple different places

Four movies I’ve watched more than once
There are soooo many movies that I watch over and over and over and over…Just ask my hubby, he hates it lol. I’ll just list the first few that come to mind.

1.     The National Treasure movies because it seems like they’re always on TV
2.     The Proposal and Two Weeks Notice for the same reason
3.     Volcano and Dante’s Peak because I love me some natural disaster movies
4.     The Day After Tomorrow…same reason

Four books I’d recommend
Another impossible list so I’ll list the four most recent books I’ve enjoyed

1.     North of Need by Laura Kaye
2.     Molly Harper’s Naked Werewolf and Jane Jameson series
3.     The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
4.     Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones
5.     Penryn & the End of Days series by Susan Ee
6.     Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer (ok I totally cheated and snuck in two extra…sue me ;))

Four Two places I’ve lived
I’ve really only lived in two towns in the same state (Pennsylvania). Three places in each town. Because of that I’m splitting this question into two.

1.     ‘Amish Country’ (no I’m not amish). I grew up around all of the towns that people/tourists got a kick out of. Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, Blue Ball, Paradise, Bareville, Virginville…you get the drift.
2.     I moved two counties away for college and I still live in the area.

Two places I’d love to live

1.     Colorado
2.     Maine or another New England State

Four places I’ve been

1.     Bermuda – a cruise with hubby and his fam
2.     Vegas Baby – It’s impossible to see everything in just one trip so I’m hoping to go back someday
3.     Cancun – I went in high school with a friend and her parents

4.     West Virginia to go whitewater rafting

Four places I’d rather be right now

1.     Back in my bed finishing the dream I was having last night. A woman on the run protecting her research. John Cusack helping her run even though he doesn’t know why yet. Something about a bear costume was mixed in there somewhere. Lol.
2.     Colorado
3.     Alaska
4.     Australia or New Zealand

Four things I don’t eat

1.     Sushi
2.     Peppers
3.     Cabbage
4.     Any meat/fruit flavor combos

Four of my favorite foods

1.     PIZZA!!
2.     Pretty much anything starchy. Various forms of potatoes, mac n cheese, bread, corn, pasta
3.     Chips…I’m a saltaholic
4.     Auntie Anne’s garlic pretzels…extra garlic

Four tv shows that I’ve watched.
Only four, you’re kidding me right?! Do you know how much TV I watch!?

1.     Zombies! Walking Dead and Z Nation
2.     The Big Bang Theory is my go to show if there’s nothing else on. Although I’ll have to find a new one soon because I’ve now seen most of the reruns.
3.     Various cooking-foodie shows over the years.
4.     Various Alaska shows over the years.
5.     Tiny House Nation

Four things I’m looking forward to this year

1.     Getting back into reading and blogging
2.     My hubby (maybe) working a normal schedule for once
3.     Spending more time kayaking and playing with my stand up paddleboard
4.     Maybe getting a new car? I’m not sure about this one yet.

Four things I’m always saying

1.     Just saying
2.     I call bullshit
3.     Sofa King – Because my dog is so f***ing cute. Get it?
4.     Pita – because my dog and my hubby can seriously be pita’s sometimes lol.

Four people I tag

I’ll be nice and not tag anyone. If you want to get your survey on you’re more than welcome to.


  1. I LOVE your new design! LOVE!!!

    Soooo…movies I've seen more than once - anything on the Hallmark/PIXL channel. I don't watch the *mainstream* movies too often. Not sure why. The worse/cheesier the movie is the more often I watch it. No logic - but there you go. lol

    I want to kayak at some point. I don't' know why I haven't. I live near a lot of natural springs that are perfect for kayaking. I guess they don't make it user friendly around her so I don't bother but I should make an effort this year.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. Thanks Karen! You're my first post design comment :)

    I actually just started watching Hallmark movies this year...well technically this season. I watched entirely too many xmas movies lol.

    You should try kayaking! It's a lot of fun and really easy!

  3. Dante's Peak...Valcano...all the movies you mentioned...startchy long lost movie/foodie sista!

    1. Lol. Give me a disaster movie and a plate of starch and I'm a happy gal :-p

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  5. Loved your responses, Jen! I didn't know you liked the National Treasure movies. They are a favorite in my house too.
    I've only visited Colorado, but it's beautiful!
    Oh, and starch foods rule! lol

    1. Oh yeah I can't tell you how many times I've seen them. It would probably be a bit embarrassing lol.

      I've only seen pics of Colorado but I think it's my dream home. Alaska would be awesome too but it's a little too far out of the way and more inaccessible.

  6. I might have to steal some of these for my top five lists!

  7. Jenna bear hehe. Oh you don't like meat fruit combos? I love those especially in salads hah. I hope you do get back into blogging. I love the new header!

    1. I can't believe I admitted that nickname. Lol. Then again there are much worse ones that an uncle gave the I will never....ever admit to so Jennabear is the lesser of two evils.

      so many people love fruit/meat combos. I just can't do it, I don't know why.


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