TBR Jar -Trial and Error

I decided to try something new...well new for me at least. I made a TBR Jar for the books I want to read most. At first I started with only romancey books since that's what I'm into right now. They're greens and white.

Then I decided to add paranormal books and really anything other than romance in blue.

This way I can decide if I want romance or other. I've never tried something like this so we'll see how it works for me.


**Update - since typing this post I have decided I'm going to redo the color coding a little. I will keep the 'other' as blue but I'm going to change the rest. 

I have a method for choosing some of the romance books I want to add to my list so I want those to be one color so separate them. Want to know my two part secret? 

1. I stalk Karen's (For What It's Worth) reviews, lol. Kidding...not kidding. I noticed she doesn't give 5* reviews easily so I know if she rated a romance 4* or 5* then I have no doubts I'll love it. 

2. I want to have heard of the book previously. I'm actually kind of picky about the type of romances I read so I want it to be already on my radar...and if I'm lucky already on my kindle.

How do you decide what to read next? 


  1. I recognize several of the books on your romance list. I enjoyed quite a few of them. Fun romance is my favorite thing to read. They make me happy but finding a good one is hard these days. Glad I can be of some help lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. There are more of 'your' books in the jar too :) and I agree fun romances are the best!

  3. I actually have a calender where I write all the reviews coming up so I will be sure to get them done in time. I know, super organized, right? :-)
    And then I pick and choose for the in-between time. Not so organized. For the most part its a first come, first served process.

    Check out my Non-fiction Saturday! its cookbook day!

    1. That's a good idea though! I would need the visual too if I were still accepting review books.

  4. I really like this system, Jen! :)

    1. And hey if I don't end up sticking with the jar system at least it looks pretty on my bookshelf 😜


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