'Tis the Season (Part 1)

For some of us it's that time of year when we are transitioning from Thansgiving into Christmas and from Fall into Winter. To mark the occasion, Wendy and I have decided to do a series of Holiday related posts. Part 1 is naturally about books! 

I really try to enjoy this time of year and I admit, I've already mailed my holiday cards out (**GASP**). I also have a love for Christmas movies so I've been watching them for a couple weeks. BUT I have to raise a huge STOP sign when it comes to holiday music and decorations, I'm just not there yet. As for holiday themed books, here's what's on my shelf.

A Highlander Christmas by Janet Chapman
The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus by Carly Alexander*
Don't Look Down by Jennifer Cruise <== Oops, this one isn't a Christmas book but it somehow made it's way into the pic. I blame the red spine ;) 
The Dangers of Mistletoe by Theresa Alan
Icing on the Lake by Catherine Clark
Must Love Mistletoe by Christie Ridgway
Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbit Macomber*
Let it Snow by John Green etc.
The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson*
The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson*

I also have a few holiday themed ebooks:

Jingle all the YA by various authors*
Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler
Bah, Humbug by Heather Horrocks*
Merry's Christmas by Susan Rohrer
Sweet Inspiration by Penny Watson*
Snowed Under by Jude Ryan
All I Want for Christmas is You by Lisa Mondello

There's no way I will get to them all but there are a few that I'm eyeing up more than others. I marked those with a * above.

How about you, do you enjoy holiday themed books or movies? Which are you most looking forward to reading/watching?


I think the buildup to Christmas is more fun than the day itself. My favorite way to spend a December evening is curled up with a cup of coffee and a great book. Unfortunately my hardcopies are all packed as we are preparing to move so I can't take a picture of them to share with you, but some of the Holiday book I have are:

No Place Like Home by Fern Michaels
Family Blessings by Fern Michaels
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas

These are the ones I have on my Kindle:

Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler
All I Want for Christmas is You by Lisa Mondello
Mistletoe Mischief by Stacey Joy Netzel
Blame it on the Mistletoe by Joyce Magnin


  1. Wow! I think I have totally different books on my Christmas reading list! On Sat. I will be posting mine.

  2. Somehow that doesn't surprise me lol


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