Stranger by Megan Hart


Funeral director Grace Frawley faces loss each day, so she has decided that paying strangers for sex would be the best way to save herself from experiencing loss herself. Then she meets Sam, and Grace wonders if she can go back to the impersonal. Original.

My Review:

I have only read a few erotica books and I was undecided whether or not I wanted to review them on here. I’m still not sure how many I’ll post but we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I decided to review this book because it’s really good simple as that. A couple of the erotica’s that I’ve read have been sex (albeit hot sex) and some random plot…almost like the plot was added around the sex scenes. Stranger is different, it’s a well-rounded book with good characters, an interesting plot, and of course sex…lots of sex. It almost felt like a contemporary romance with more sex and some mild role playing. My only gripe with the book is that the ending seemed rushed. But aside from that, I can definitely see myself reading more of Megan Hart’s erotica’s.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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  1. Well I am glad it had a plot!!!! LOL
    Ick - you can have it!


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