Sunday Swag Bag #2

It's time again for my Sunday Swag Bag giveaway!!

I have a lot of swag that I've been wanting to pass along. Some of it is duplicates from what's in my personal collection and some of it's from books or genre's that I don't think I'll read. So I've been trying to think of a way to give it to other swag lovers. That's where Sunday Swag Bag comes in.

I will post a contest on the first Sunday of every month until the swag bag is empty. Each contest will be open for a week. Then I will do a post on the second Sunday of every month where I announce the winner and I will blindly grab anywhere from 2-5 pieces out of my swag bag. It's luck of the draw for the winner but there's a lot of really awesome swag so don't miss out!

Are you curious what's at stake? Well here's a picture of how the original swag pile looked. Most of it is not signed but there's about 5 pieces that are.

This week's contest is open until Saturday, June 9th at 11:59 pm (EST).

Contest is open internationally.

To enter just fill out your name/email in the form below.


  1. thanks you again for doing this open to international . I never have enough bookmarks and i would love the obsidian one or those from shades series

  2. Man you have a lot of stuff! Nice of you to share :-)


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