Wife for a Day by Patti Berg

Goodreads Summary:

Millionaire rancher Jack Remington hadn't expected trouble when he flew to Palm Beach for his sister's engagement ball. But his girlfriend called it quits and now his sister is anxious to meet the woman who's captured his heart. Then, a beguiling, flame-haired enchantress breezes into his hotel room with a tux and a seductive smile, and Jack's sure his troubles have come to an end. All he has to do is hire the beautiful tailor to be his fiancé--for just one night.
Samantha Jones is sure the sexy cowboy is out of his ever--lovin' mind. She's never been to a ball, never worn a fancy gown, and has no idea how to act like a socialite. She can't possibly pose as his wife-to-be. But trouble's been following Sam for too many months and the money Jack's offering is something she can't refuse. There's only one problem--their pretend kisses make her feel something very real--and there's the possibility that just one night will never be enough.
My Review:

First of all, who has an engagement ball? Haha, I think I’m a little like Samantha and would have no idea how to be a socialite! Although Samantha is full of spice and sass and she can definitely hold her own in any situation! She is a great character and I easily grew to love her.

Jack is used to getting his own way and in walks Samantha who challenges him at every turn. Can she put up with his stubborn ways and can he handle her strong will? You’ll have to read the book to find out ;-)


  1. I followed the link to this review..now I want to read both books! thanks for sharing..i love these fun, quick. feel good reads :)

  2. Me too! I know I can always count on the feel good books to cheer me up :)


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