Niagara, Wind Turbines

The latest checkmark is thanks to a mostly spur of the moment decision to visit our friend who just moved close to Buffalo, NY. This weekend I was able to check ‘See Niagara Falls’ off my list!!

The falls are gorgeous and it’s amazing to think of the amount of water falling over the edge every second! We checked out the Observation Tower, Maid of the Mist, Goat Island, and Three Sisters Islands, all of which were amazing. We were not able to go to the Canada side but plan on going back once we all have our passports!! I would also like to check out Hurricane Cave and walk behind the falls when we go back!

And although it wasn’t specifically on the list, I can check off that I’ve seen one of the great lakes. Lake Erie is, well, HUGE!

We also had the chance to see some wind turbines on the way to Buffalo. It’s amazing how something so simply designed can be so beautiful! I’ve seen some before but it was at a distance and this time I got a much closer view! Someday I’d like to get even closer to get a true idea as to their massive size.


  1. I've been to Niagara Falls too but only on the Canada side. The 'Walk behind the Falls' is pretty neat =)

  2. We have our passports now soon hoping we will make our way back so we can do everything on the Canada side!


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