Tattoos - Would you get inked?

I did...and I probably will again. Society holds a very wide range of opinions on tattoos Opinions range from 'you're going to rot in hell for destroying the temple that God gave you' to 'I wouldn't be me without my tattoos'. I am obviously 'pro' tattoo but you just never know how people will react.

Strangers will sometimes ask me about my tattoo(s) and sometimes they will just look with disgust. A lot of the time when I meet people, they don't realize I have tattoos. I don't plan it that way, it just tends to happen. Then once they see one of my tattoos for the first time they're always shocked and say things like "YOU have tattoos?!?" "Why on earth would you get that" "You don't strike me as the tattoo type"...well you know what, I don't think there is a 'tattoo type' anymore. Sure once upon a time, it was for bikers or people in the navy, or even people in prison but you know what, society changes, people change.

It’s the same with technology, some generations are disgusted at what cell phones can do and refuse to own or use one. My cell phone is my life line; I keep up with the news, blog, and keep in touch with friends through email, text messaging, instant messaging, and Facebook, etc. etc. In my opinion you can't judge someone based on whether or not they have tattoos or whether they prefer to text rather than make a phone call.
It all comes down to how people accept our changing society.

How do you handle change?

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