Friday Foodie Affair is back!!!

Foods you love that earn you strange looks

I wanted to kick start my Friday Foodie Affair (FFA) posts but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do first. Then an idea came to me last week when a friend, we’ll call her Mrs. Peacock, said that after shoveling snow her family always used to warm up by dunking buttered toast into either hot chocolate or hot tea. Wait, what?! I had never heard of anyone doing that. Cookies in coffee or oreos in milk sure, but buttered toast and hot chocolate?! Strange! Then I started thinking of all of the strange things I eat and decided to ask a few friends as well. Here’s what I discovered…

Mrs. Peacock has a couple other strange food loves. She eats jelly (preferably grape) and potato chip sandwiches. A new spin on sweet & salty perhaps? She also likes grape jelly on grilled cheese sandwiches and she puts peanut butter on salads.

Krista (Krista’s Dust Jacket) has a slight obsession with hummus. Cheese, pretzels, veggies, sandwiches, apples, meat, she will put hummus on just about anything.

She has since outgrown it but Anna (Annaberry Reads) used to sneak butter and sugar sandwiches as a kid. I can’t really say much there because, as a kid, I used to eat ketchup sandwiches that were more ketchup than bread.

Wendy (Wall-to Wall Books) earns the award for strangest food combination. First she told me she likes eating carrots and peanut butter…that’s not so much of a big deal, I suppose, after all celery and peanut butter is a norm, why not carrots right? But then she dropped a bomb shell on me. She likes to eat mayo and peanut butter sandwiches. In my mind, peanut butter and mayo together should be a food challenge on Fear Factor! Haha! But she loves it and that’s all that matters.

I like to dip my potato chips in mustard. I also like the sauce/cheese combo that comes with dunking cheese curls in chef Boyardee OR cheese rice cakes in chili. Last but not least, I like to put chips or Doritos on pretty much any lunch meat sandwich. Yums.

My strange foods don’t sound so bad after hearing what everyone else loves. Then again maybe that was my evil plan all along? ;)

What foods earn you strange looks?


  1. First of all - hahahahaha!
    Jelly on grilled cheese ew. Why mess with perfection? Grilled cheese is like the best weekend food there is!
    And I LOVE HUMMUS!!! My problem is that if I buy a container it's gone within a day.
    OMG! I used to eat butter and sugar sandwiches!!!! Wow memories!
    And - don't knock the peanut butter and mayo till you've tried it!
    I also love putting chips in my sandwiches! Preferably peanut butter and mayo :-/

    1. Wait did you just say you eat PB, mayo, AND chip sandwiches?! Will the madness never end?! Lol


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