Our 2013 Challenges & Jen's 2012 Wrap-up

We will be updating our challenge pages (linked under the header) throughout the year but here's a quick summary of our 2013 challenges.

January Challenge
ONLY read books from series that I've already started...and I have to already own the book.

Year Long Challenge #1
TBR Pile Challenge
Read  11-20 books from my tbr pile
I will be linking up to Evie's Bookish Blog

Year Long Challenge #2
Read 75 books - according to the counter on Goodreads (includes novella's)

Year Long Challenge #3
Read 6-10 Foodie Books
Challenge is from the Foodie Fans group on Goodreads

Overall 2013 Challenge
* Read a total of 250+ books. *
Series Finisher Challenge
* Finish at least 10 series I have already started. *

Kindle TBR Challenge
*Read at least 30 books I owned before 01/01/13*

(I will be deleting my 2012 challenge page soon so I thought I'd give a quick recap before I disappears)

Foodie Challenge - Read 6 food themed books
Challenge Complete! I ended up reading 9

Rainbow Book Cover Challenge
Challenge Complete! I ended up matching 11 book covers to colors

52 Book Challenge
My goal was to have 26-35 of those 52 books be ones that I already own.
I ended up reading way  more than 52 books but I don't believe I met the 'read 26-35 previously owned books' part of the challenge. I stopped counting after a while. Either way I'm calling this one COMPLETE.

Series Finisher Challenge
Finish 10 series that I had previously started
Challenge FAILED


  1. You guys read a LOT of books! Over 250??? Yikes!

    1. Haha. I had about the same reaction when I saw Wendy's goal!

  2. :-) This year I may not make it, or I may reduce it, it could go either way. The last few years I have been a stay at home mom. This year I am planning on returning to the "real world". Lol


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