"Love, Served With a Twist" Party - Stirring It Up by Mary Leo

The last review & giveaway for our "Love, Served With a Twist" Party week is Stirring It Up by Mary Leo
When sexy world traveler, Max Rosso, walks into With a Twist, the San Diego based martini bar and bistro Rose Cupido owns with her two best friends, she immediately knows she's in trouble. Not only did the mysterious gypsy prophesize that Rose would find true love by Valentine's Day, but the gypsy also warned that this new love must be returned. If it is not returned, all will be lost, including With a Twist.

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, can Max and Rose stir it up enough to find true love, or will his need for freedom get in the way of them having it  all?

My Thoughts:

The third and final installment of the "Love, Served With a Twist" novella series is Stirring It Up. This novella is a little more sugar where the first two were sugar & spice.

Rose is the talented, dedicated, and workaholic chef at With a Twist. She doesn't have time for love. But then Max, Jasmine's cousin, strolls into the restaurant after having been away for ten years. Old feelings come back...and they're not all good ones. Rose knows they will never be together because among other things, Max is a roamer, never in one place for long. Will Rose and Max fall in love and fulfill the gypsy's fortune? You'll have to read it to find out :)

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  4. The book sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.


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