Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum by Stephen Prosapio

Goodreads Summary:

Zach Kalusky, host of Sci-D TV's Xavier Paranormal Investigators, is ecstatic when he's given the opportunity to explore the most haunted site in Chicago for a Halloween Special: Rosewood Asylum, a place long made off-limits by the local government, plagued by decades of mysterious fires and unexplained events. It's Zach's dream investigation- but there's a catch: the network forces Xavier Paranormal Investigators to partner with the more dramatic-but less ethical-Demon Hunters. Now, Zach must fight for both his show's integrity and his team's loyalty while trying to protect his own secret: that he, himself, is possessed.

My Thoughts:

Competing and conflicting paranormal investigating TV shows unwillingly join forces to investigate Rosewood Asylum. The property and the surrounding town have a disturbing past. During their time there, the heads of both shows do nothing but butt heads. Zach wants to legitimately solve the mystery of Rosewood Asylum by looking into its past while Bryce wants nothing more than to boost the ratings of his show.

I’ve seen my share of ghost hunting shows and this book reads like a behind the scenes look at one of those shows. Along with the ghostly mystery, Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum also has a few small twists that keep you intent throughout the story. I also enjoyed the interesting and sometimes changing dynamic between the characters.

Stephen Prosapio will also be releasing a sequel to Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum titled The Atchison Haunting.

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