A Boyfriend Before Christmas (Finding Love 1) by Caedem Marquez

Rachel McDaniel loves being a single, 29-year-old co-owner of a chocolate shop. But when Rachel's aging mentor, Mama Bird unexpectedly decides the workaholic youngster needs a boyfriend before Christmas, Rachel must decide what she really wants in life: a man or her thriving career.

The quest for love will send her into hilarious situations. In the end, Rachel will find out if it is her time to love or if she will have to wait.

Told with humor and compassion, this book will make you laugh and cry.

This is a novelette of 60 pages.

My Review:

Mama Bird and Rachel are great characters. They are co-owners of a chocolate shop (yum!) and they have such a sweet relationship. Rachel is close to my age so it was easy for me to relate to her and Mama Bird is a wise woman who is determined to get what she wants...a boyfriend for Rachel.

I read A Boyfriend Before Christmas over a lunch break at work. I was giggling and grinning like the Cheshire Cat....and hoping no one would walk into the break room! Haha.

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This is cute story with chocolate, good looking men **wink**, humor, heartfelt moments, and an unexpected twist.

It is pretty short though and I was left wanting more! With that said, I will definitely be reading Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate the second in the Finding Love series.


  1. Sounds like a real cute story! I like funny ones like that! I will have to look this up for nook.
    Maybe I'll read it next month for Feb - I will do a "Love story" challenge for that month. I say "Love story" because I will never admit to reading a romance!

  2. Lol, there's nothing wrong with reading romances silly.


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