Blogger Award

My friend Wendy at Wall-to-Wall Books gave me this award.
Thank you Wendy :-)

The rules are:
1. List seven things about yourself.
2. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.
My Seven Things:
1. I watch too much TV...right now my addiction is Christmas movies!
2. I'm a technology nerd, I love having the latest and greatest in cell phones, etc.
3. I own more books than I could read in 10 years...yes, I have a problem ;)
4. I spoil my dog because he's like the kid I'll never have
5. I love driving around and seeing houses lit up with Christmas lights!
6 & 7. I'm somewhat of a walking contradiction. I love traveling with hubby but I'm so much of a homebody. I'm sometimes shy and sometimes outgoing depending on the situation and who I'm around.
Who I'm passing the award on to:
I could come up with 15, but I think I'm just going to list a few newer blogs that deserve some blogger love.


  1. Thank you Jen!!!Woohooo great award:) x x

  2. Aww thanks Jen. I like seeing lights lit up when I drive around too lol!


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