By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters


Finished today

This book was not what I expected. I knew it would be a story with a strong message about bullying and although I was sad for Daelyn I didn’t really feel for her. I expected this book to tug on my heartstrings but it kept me at a distance, which ironically is what Daelyn does with everyone in her life

As you read you find out that she went through some hard things and has attempted bullycide (suicide to escape bullies) at least twice before. Because of this and her determination to be successful in her third attempt, Daelyn refuses to engage anyone. She constantly pushes out any feelings or emotions and very few things get through her barricade

There is one bright spot in the book, which is Santana. I like his character, he is someone who fights to live. I like that he loves life and I like that he’s persistent with Daelyn. He pokes a couple small holes in her wall and I think his character is there to show that no matter what you’ve been through, there are still kind, trustworthy people in this world.

Now on to the ending and here’s where most of the spoilers come in…

Did Daelyn commit bullycide or did she decide to make a new life for herself? Who knows?

The ending is one major cliff hanger! I’m sure the author meant it to be that way so you could draw your own conclusions but it was very disappointing to me. Throughout the whole book I was waiting to see if, in the end, if she would go through with it or decide to fight to live. As much as I wanted to fill in my own happy ending, I really just wanted closure.

**Bullying is a rampant epidemic and I don’t believe schools/parents are doing enough to prevent it. I once met a teacher and even he/she admitted that their school’s bully prevention was a joke. I think it’s time for the adults in this world step up and find a way to protect those who need protecting.**

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