Review: Eleven Things I Promised by Catherine Clark

Eleven Things I Promised
by Catherine Clark


Seventeen-year-old Frances wouldn't describe herself as adventurous. She certainly isn't the kind of person who would sleep under the stars or bleach her hair or have a truly epic kiss. Until now.
For the next week Frances will be away from home, competing in a bike race with friends from her high school. But while her teammates are determined to get first place, Frances has another goal: Before she crosses the finish line, she will have done every single thing on the Fix-It List. Ten crazy, totally out-of-character ideas her best friend, Stella, came up with to make the ride unforgettable. Ten things that Frances has to do on her own because of the accident that left Stella broken and angry...and Frances struggling to find a way to reconnect with her friend.
However, as each item on the list opens Frances up to new adventures, new friends, and possibly even a new romance, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to keep the one promise that she knows she absolutely must obey - her promise to not tell anyone the truth about what happened to Stella. When it comes to friendship, Frances must decide what distances she's willing to go and what risks she's willing to take for the person she cares about the most.

Eight Things I Promise I liked about this book

- The road trip feel to it. I like when people who wouldn't normally spend time together are forced to.
- The challenge. Frances hadn't trained for the bike trip but she's doing it anyway.
- The determination. It takes determination to stick with difficult things.
- The growth. I love how the characters grow throughout the book.
- The list. Just like l enjoy road trip books, I enjoy list books. Trying to accomplish a bucket list of sorts forces you to do things you normally wouldn't. Granted some of the items on this list were awkward but it still made for a nice addiction to the book.
- The breakfast club feel. The jock, the overachiever, the silent get the gist. It was a group of kids from different social groups trying (or not trying) to get along.
- Side characters. Meeting some of the characters during the bike trip.
- Stella. She has a lot to overcome. I can't even imagine how I'd handle it if I were her.

4 out of 5


  1. Breakfast Club?? *perks ears* Cute review Jen - I love the list!

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Lol, gotta love the 80's movie references...whether or not they're intended references.

  2. Wow! I just can't get used to you blogging regularly again!

    This book looks cute! Love the cover!
    And yes, I love road trip books too. Hmmm there is a good one I read - If I remember what it was I will let you know.
    And I do love list books too - I have read a few of those too!
    And - duh! BC was one of my fav movies!

    1. It's kind of funny that we very rarely read the same books. We like some of the same book themes.


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