Bea Wrap Up Part 2

In case you missed it, you can find my Part 1 post HERE.
Day 4 in NYC, Friday
BEA Day 2

The morning again brought waiting 2.5 hours for the show room floor to open and last minute schedule revisions. We also spotted Becca Fitzpatrick while waiting so of course I had to have a fan girl moment and bug her for a quickie selfie!

  Highlights of the Day:

-          Meeting Anna Carey, Michael Grant, and Cora Carmack

-         Meeting Chelsea Cain! I read two of her Gretchen Lowell books years ago and I STILL remember some of the things her serial killer did to the victim *shivers*! I am way overdue for a reread of that series and I’m very much looking forward to One Kick, the first in a new series.

Chelsea Cain!
Books of the Day:

After BEA ended for the day we headed back to the hotel and then we were off to the Blogger Picnic. We, unfortunately, weren’t able to stay long but it was still a great experience so thank you to the lovely organizers for putting it together. It was also my first time in Central Park so that made it extra nice.

Day 5 in NYC, Saturday
BEA Day 3/BookCON

By this time the exhaustion had settled in hard core so half of the time waiting to enter the showroom floor was spent staring into space. Once the showroom floor opened it was stressful to say the least.
The combining of the two events created way overcrowded conditions. I hate crowds to begin with but when you throw an extra 8,000 people in the mix with a topping of exhaustion, yeah I wasn’t really a happy camper. I would go to an event, then I’d have to leave the floor for a while, then go back for an event, then go hide in a corner somewhere. That’s essentially how I spent my day, going back and forth. BUT I have to admit that I was able to get a few great books so maybe it was worth it. Maybe.
Just for fun, here are some grumpy gals on BookCon day...
Grumpy Me

 Left: Grumpy Anna, Right: Grumpy Krista
Highlights of the Day:

-          Meeting Jeaniene Frost, she's so nice!

-          Snagging a photo of Cary Elwes *fangirl sigh*

-         Meeting Sara Humphreys, she told me about a preorder promotion for Book 2 in her Dead in the City series. Check back here next week to learn more.

-        The Bad Boys of Romance panel with Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jeaniene Frost, Cora Carmack, and Sara MacLean. I will be reading Jeaniene’s Night Huntress because of this panel…apparently book 2, chapter 32 is ah-mazing.
Cary Elwes!!
Books of the Day:

Blogger Shout Outs (in no certain order):

Karen & Kevin (For What It’s Worth)
Tabitha (Not Yet Read)
Rebekka (Endlessly Bookish)
Faye (A Daydreamer’s Thoughts)
Nicole (Feed Your Fiction Addiction)
Jess (Midsummer Night’s Read)
Jess (Lovin’ Los Libros)
Debbie (Snuggling on the Sofa)
Caroline (Big Book Little Book)
And last but not least, my roomies...

Anna (Annaberry Reads)
Val (Stuck in Books)

I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

To those of you I met this year or last, you all rock and I hope to see you again!


  1. Ha! I love the Grumpy cat pictures!

    I honestly can't say if I am jealous that I couldn't go or lucky because I couldn't - LOL. I am really not a fan of big scenes like that. And I would prob. be VERY grumpy by the end!

    1. The first couple days were ok but yeah that last day was waaaayyyy crowded. You wouldn't have liked it. At all.

  2. "Ah-mazing" doesn't quite cover the awesomesauce that is CHAPTER 32. :) Cheers to the best roomie ever.

  3. That last day at Book Con seriously was insane. I know you and Krista will probably go next year but I don't think I will. The travel, lodging costs were just a bit too much. I loved meeting everyone and for that alone it was worth it (but where books are concerned I definitely could have bought more books lol for all my travel costs combined)

    I'm looking forward to Dragon Con!!

    1. Yeah I get that, I don't know of we would have gone the last two years if we had to fly in.

      I'm still undecided if I want to go next year.

  4. Best book of BEA is??? You know mine, right! The Return!! And Stone Cold Touch comes in a close second.

    It was so much fun!

    1. You want me to pick just ONE?! Are you insane!? Lol.

      Uummmm, this may take a few minutes.

    2. Nope, can't do it lol! I narrowed it down to 11 but going further was just too painful :-P

  5. Lucky you getting to meet Jeaniene Frost! I would have been so star struck! And Chapter 32 is the GREATEST! I had to read it like 50 times before being able to continue the book, then some more when I finished. Seriously...OMG...

    Angie @ Pinkindle

    1. LOL! I know you're not the only one to replay it over and over. A friend of mine has done the same. I'll be nice and not call her out :-P

  6. He he, so glad you've decided to join the darkside and read Night Huntress. :D

    So glad we finally got to meet in person (you're a wonderful lady, Jen). And that's one item off my bucket list. ;)

  7. Aawwwwwww, I was on your bucket list?!

  8. I loved All Lined Up by Cora Carmack!

    I'm glad we got to spend some quality *line* time together!

    Also…I THINK I'll remember you next year lol

    1. Haha. Well if I go I'll make sure to change my hair again to challenge you a little ;)

  9. Totally agree with you about BookCon. It was INSANE!! Hope I'll get to see you at next year's BEA (just have to convince my husband that I really need to go!). :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Lol! Well if you convinced him once I'm sure you'll be able to again! :)


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