May Giveaways!!!

IT'S MAY!!! May is going to be a great month, I can feel it!
 I thought I'd start the month off right with some giveaways!
First we have a BOOK GIVEAWAY,
signed ARCS of these beauties.
UPDATE: The winners of the ARCs (Wendy & Anna) have been chosen via and notified.


    What's up for grabs:
    Next up we have something a little different. I have a pile of swag from a recent book signing (50 young adult authors) and some other extras I've had for a little (a mix of YA, NA, and Adult) and it's just begging to go to book loving homes.

    The Dealio:
    What I'm going to do is buy a book (or two) of stamps and a box of envelopes. If you'd like a couple pieces of swag just fill out the form. I want to share the swag love as much as possible.

    If you mention which pieces catch your eye I'll try my best to get it to you but it will be first come first serve. It's a good idea to list a few different things just in case your first pick is taken.

    If I don't have many people interested then I'll send a few extra pieces to those who are.

    It's a lot easier to send things within the US but I will open it internationally at least for now. If I get an overwhelming number of overseas 'entries' then I may have to limit it to US only.




  1. I'm going to try this again, to see if works (haha!) Thanks for the giveaway! All your swag looks awesome, hun ;)

  2. what the heck that is a lot of bookmarks

    1. You should see my collection. It's fairly large. :)


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