Fraterfest Update

This is where I'll post any thon updates so I don't clog up my blog :)

What I'm Currently Reading

NONE - I just finished Pretty When She Dies and since the thon ends today (Monday) I'm calling it quits.

Books I've Finished 
(titles linked to Goodreads)

Pages I've Read

Random Thoughts

As the World Dies Untold Tales Volume 1 
Each of the three tales gives you a bit of background on different characters from the As the World Dies Trilogy. I LOVED being able to get back into this horrorific world that Rhiannon has created...I can't seem to get enough!!

Challenges I Joined
Tune this Title @ My Shelf Confessions

The challenges was to find a song that in some way represents the book you're reading. I just finished reading about zombies in the As the World Dies Untold Tales Volume I so I (with the help of my friend Wendy - thanks Wendy!) decided to go with Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie. The song is about a living dead girl...hello zombie! Right!? Plus I think Rob Zombie's name along is fitting for this challenge :)

Fraterbash @ Love of Books

The challenge is to use book covers to show what you'd wear to the Fraterbash and who your date would be. Well first of all, I'm all about comfort so I'll go with jeans and a nice shirt (nobody said this was a ball right?!?)

and some of you may know that I'm a sucker for werewolves so this is my date...I may or may not let him wear a shirt to the bash ;)

Cover Sleuth @ Basia's Bookshelf

The challenge was to figure out 12 book covers based on just a small clip of each cover. Some of them were tough but I ended up figuring out 7 of the 12 covers.


  1. Wow you are doing great, i finished up I Hunt Serial Killers and am almost done Pretty When She sure to link up your goals post

    1. Thanks! I knew I probably wouldn't have as much time as I wanted for the thon but I'm glad I have one book under my belt already :)

      Gratz on getting through two books by the way!

  2. ah, sorry Jen you did already and i missed bad :(

  3. LOL - Your date to the bash is more than welcome NOT to wear a shirt! :)

    1. Haha! Well that settles it then, no shirt it is ;)

  4. ooh love your date for the bash *swoons* and you are rocking the reads!

  5. Can't believe how far you are with that series. I still don't own the second and third book.. which sucks.. The first one was so good!


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