Shelf Candy Saturday (21): Supernatural Freak by Louisa Klein

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Supernatural Freak by Louisa Klein

When paranormal expert Robyn Wise if offered an outrageous sum of money to cure a boy who is turning into a dead tree, she’s very skeptical. A politician ready to pay that much to make his son stop growing branches instead of hair? Come on! She’s more likely to be abducted by aliens. This is a trap. Or something much worse. And, of course, it’s much worse.

The child is turning into a dark portal, created by a powerful entity determined to absorb Fairyland’s power. This means that not only queen Titania and her court are in danger, but the very balance of the magic fluxes.

Robyn’d rather stick a pencil in her own eye but to learn how to destroy the portal, she has to sneak into the Wizardry Council, a place full of wizards who are hiding something – though it’s certainly not their dislike of her.

There, she discovers a terrible secret that could help overthrow Fairyland’s enemies for good, but puts her in the midst of an ancient and deadly war, and not as a bystander, but as the main target.

Surprisingly this book doesn't have any reviews on Goodreads. As I started looking for links I realized why, it's impossible to find. I checked Amazon, BN, Smashwords, and Book Depository. It's a mystery. This is a great cover though, I love how the gold touches tie everything together. And I'm not sure how the birds play into the plot (if at all) but it's a beautiful contrast against her pale skin. It also adds to the supernatural look of the model.


  1. OK the book sounds kinda strange but the cover is GREAT!

  2. Hi, Jen!

    I LOVE that cover!! It just pulls me right in!! You know how I ADORE blue, so the fact that the model's face and neck are shaded in that color make this cover even more appealing to me.

    Aside from the color, I love the whole design. The contrast of the model's pale face and the black silhouette of her hair, with black birds along the edges, is simply stunning. It also reminds me of Hitchock's movie, "The Birds".

    Last but not least, there's the model's intense, yet blank, stare. OMG! It REALLY creeps me out!

    I have to find this book!! Have you tried checking out Fantastic Fiction? You can google it. The plot is one of the weirdest, most original ones I've ever heard of. Girl, we've GOT to find this book!!

    Thanks for participating in the meme, and commenting on my post!! : )

    1. The cover does have a Birds feel to it! I've never heard of Fantastic Fiction but I'll have to check it out.

  3. I checked Fantastic Fiction and didn't find anything

    1. Yes, I checked it as well, right after I had posted the comment above. Silly me! I should have checked it first, before mentioning it to you. Sorry about that...

      But you know what? When I looked up the book on Goodreads, I noticed that it's an ebook. What a see, I don't like ebooks. So now I've lost all interest in this book...unless, of course, it somehow becomes available in printed format. I'll have to keep an eye out for that, because I do think the plot is very interesting. So thanks for the share, anyway! : )

    2. Aw well lets hope it does come out in print!


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