In Honor by Jessi Kirby

Hours after her brother’s military funeral, Honor opens the last letter Finn ever sent. In her grief, she interprets his note as a final request and spontaneously decides to go to California to fulfill it.

Honor gets as far as the driveway before running into Rusty, Finn’s best friend since third grade and his polar opposite. She hasn’t seen Rusty in ages, but it’s obvious he is as arrogant and stubborn as ever – not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. Despite Honor’s best judgment, the two set off together on a voyage from Texas to California. Along the way, they find small and sometimes surprising ways to ease their shared loss and honor Finn’s memory – but when shocking truths are revealed at the end of the road, will either of them be able to cope with the consequences?

My Review:

This book is so sweet…yet so incredibly sad at the same time. I guess the appropriate term would be bittersweet. Honor is trying to figure out how to live without her brother. She decides to take a road trip in his honor only Rusty manages to tag along. There’s bound to be tension between the two. Will they end up falling for each other? Or killing each other? It’s a little predictable but that really didn’t bother me and I was still able to enjoy the story.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. I have heard about this book. It looks like a book that I would like! Good review.


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