Vampire Vintage by Ashlyn Chase

Maura Keegan, addicted to vampire romance novels, decides to add a gothic section to her vintage clothing store in SoHo. What better way to get a tax-deductible trip to Romania-and meet her future vampire mate? Adrian, a sexy vampire living right under her nose in New York, owns a vineyard in France producing very special wine for exclusive clients. It allows him and others like him to walk in daylight and avoid snacking on strangers. He’s horrified to learn that the redhead he admires is planning to visit Romania to summon a “real” vampire. Adrian has every intention of being that vampire. Only trouble is, she thinks he’s a wino tourist intent on spoiling her fun. A visit to his wacky Romanian family night might help convince her he’s for real, or send her screaming into the night.

My Review:

The first half of the book was just ok for me and although it is a unique storyline I was expecting more pizazz. Things just happened too easily when I almost wanted to make both Maura and Adrian to have to work harder to get what they wanted. Based on the summary, I also thought that Maura’s journey would take up most of the book but everything in the summary happened by about the half way mark.

I ended up taking a break from this book at 57% (thank you Kindle app for that precise percentage). I read four books before I decided that I was ready to come back to Vampire Vintage. I did enjoy the second half more; it was a bit more interesting and there was even some action to hold my attention. I'm glad that I decided to finish it.
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5


  1. This sounds similar in plot and tone to Katie MacAlister's Zen and the Art of Vampires. I enjoyed that book. It had a lot of humor. And MacAlister juggled enough plot twists to keep us turning the pages.

  2. I have done that before! Read a book part way then took a break then went back and ended up not liking it any better, LOL!

  3. I'm sorry it didn't appeal to you more. This is by far my best seller and usually gets rave reviews. Thanks for comparing me to Katie though.

    To be fair, if you thought I was trying to emulate her Zen book, it published in 2008. Vampire Vintage was published in March of 2007,


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