Blood Song (Blood Singer #1) by Cat Adams

Goodreads Summary:

Bodyguard Celia Graves has definitely accepted her share of weird assignments, both human and supernatural. But her newest job takes the cake. Guarding a Prince from terrorists and religious fundamentalists is hard enough, but it seems like the entire supernatural world is after this guy too. When she is betrayed by those she is employed to help, and everything goes horribly wrong, Celia wakes to find herself transformed.

Neither human nor vampire, Celia has become an Abomination—something that should not exist—and now both human and supernatural alike want her dead. With the help of a few loyal friends—a sexy mage, a powerful werewolf, and a psychic cop—Celia does her best to stay alive. On the run from her enemies, Celia must try to discover who is behind her transformation…before it’s too late.

My Review:

After the first couple pages I was a little worried that I wouldn't enjoy this book. But I kept reading and I'm very glad I did! I was quickly drawn into Celia's story. She is in way over her head with problems but that doesn't stop her from kicking butt and taking names. I love a story with a good strong female lead and Celia is just that!

This is a great book and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.

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  1. Brilliant series!
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