Viva Las Vegas!

We were in Vegas a little over a month ago and it was such a whirlwind!

We flew out VERY early and thankfully the flight went smooth. I love flying so my eyes were glued to the window most of the time. This was hubby's first time flying and even though he was nervous, he did great and I am happy to say he is willing to fly again which definitely opens up the list of vacation possibilities!! So exciting!! I love traveling!

Looking back, our time in Vegas was such a blur. 4 days, 3 nights of exhausting fun! We tried to fit in as much as we could in such a short amount of time. It's a large city with so much to offer but the sheer beauty of it doesn't hit you until the sun goes down. The city is breathtaking after dark. Two of the best things we did after dark were going up the stratosphere tower and seeing the fountain show at the Bellagio. Both will stick in my mind for a long time.

We went to the wedding (which was the reason for the trip. It was exactly what our friends wanted, a simple (and slightly cheesy)) Vegas wedding.

We also took half a day and separated from the group to go on a the Red Rock Canyon tour. The canyon is beautiful even if the tour itself was a little slow moving.

Our last morning came so fast, but we were all exhausted and were looking forward to getting home and it only took a 4.5 hour flight, an hour dinner, then a 1.5-2 hour drive home from Baltimore to get there! It's crazy to think that, due to the time difference, it took a full day to get home.

We all had such a good time that our group is already talking about a second trip out west to see everything we couldn't fit in the first time around.

I will post a few pictures tomorrow!

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