Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating Class is officially over; I have been given my certificate of completion! And my nicest cake came out of my last class.

Overall it was a very good experience. I am far from being professional but I definitely learned a lot of new and useful techniques.

Here are a few miscellaneous handy tips I learned:


Cake release is best used with delicate white cakes since Bakers Spray tends to make darker

Lowering the oven temperature keeps domes from forming on the top of the cake - bake for the same amount of time

Can also bake with flower nails to keep dome from forming


Whip store bought icing to make it twice the volume and easier to decorate with.

To apply icing to sides of cake, use a side to side motion.

For a smooth icing crumb coat, dip spatula in near boiling water and wipe off. Pull extra icing on the edges towards the center of the top. Both techniques smoothes the icing. Can also icing then after 20 minutes (time to crust) gently rub Viva paper towels (or copy paper) over surface.

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